I’ve been having some issues getting my shadows to work properly this week, so I could mostly be found screaming obscenities at my computer screen, not a fun time. The only thing that could console me was the consumption of huge quantities of haribo sweets (or candy) and copious cups of coffee. It took me an age to get these pictures for todays blog, and they’re still not quite right, but attempt to look past that for me, please? I’m so cute as a dolly.


The first thing i’m going to rave about are these GOS feet.  Gos has designed this absolutely freaking amazing hud which automatically directs you to a website with HUNDREDS of secondlife skin rgb’s already entered. This makes skin matching a million times easier – and the really good news? The hud is now being used on all their shoes too. It’s really affected the way I buy shoes – to the point of me not even wanting to walk into another store (although I will, I’m a verified shoe whore!).

I also want to mention Kuso’s AO (not shown here) that allows me to be a fully fledged marionette. I found it on the market place – so check that out too, it’s called THE MASTER AO.

The good stuff :

Hair : >TRUTH< Essie – black & whites
Feet : [Gos] Boutique – Barefeet – Arched
Dress : !RT…Zombie Bloom… (Marketplace)
Skin : [:T:] Helena / powder :: 01
Marionette Strings : Curio Obscura – Marionette Control and Strings
Scary Bloody Knife : *bf* Manic Knife (Marketplace)
Eye Scar : Corvus : Eye Scar
Dolly Tattoo : ! bbc Doll Joints Tattoo Angel (Marketplace)

Decor from NotSoBad & Cheeky Pea

theend ♥